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SUTO 20w40 Super Universal Tractor Oil Mineral

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  • SUTO 20w40 Super Universal Tractor Oil Mineral

    • £7999

    20W-40 SUTO
    Universal Tractor Oil

    Our Super Universal Tractor Oil (SUTO) is designed to cover virtually all the lubrication requirements of agricultural machinery including farm tractors.

    It provides excellent high and low temperature stability,
    high standards of engine cleanliness and good oxidation resistance.
    Its natural high lubricity offers lower internal friction for reduced engine wear.

    This oil is suitable for use in the following applications:

    Engine oil: SUTO 20w/40 is suitable for four
    stroke, naturally aspirated and turbocharged
    diesel engines and four stroke petrol engines.

    Hydraulic oil: SUTO 20w/40 has good oxidation
    resistance, thermal stability and low temperature

    Transmission oil: SUTO 20w/40 has been primarily
    formulated to be used in farm tractors and other
    plant where the transmission contains oil immersed "wet brake" systems.

    Product Benefits:
    Natural high lubricity

    Good Anti - Foaming and air release properties

    Excellent Anti - Wear Protection

    Helps reduce wet brake noise

    Suitable for most agricultural machinery requirements

    Product Specifications:
    API - CE / CF / CF-4 / CG / CG-4 / SF (Engine), GL-4 (Gears)
    ACEA - E3
    Mercedes Benz - 227.1 228.1 /  MAN - 271
    Massey Fergusson - M1135, M1139, M1143, M1144 & M1145
    Ford - M2C134D, M2C159B/C
    John Deere - JDM J20C
    ZF - TE ML 06A/B/C, 07B

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