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Soluble Cutting Oil Semi-Synthetic CNC 200

  • £999

Semi-Synthetic Soluble

CNC 200 Cutting Oil

A Soluble cutting fluid blended from highly refined base oils and contains special additive for oxidation resistance, extending tool life and non staining of work pieces.

Excellent for machining metals ranging from: stainless steel, high alloy steels, to low carbon steels, brass and aluminium.

Low foaming in soft waters
Tolerates hard waters
Excellent anti-corrosion properties
Resists degradation by microbial contamination for long periods
Resists degradation by microbial contamination
Can be used over a wide dilution range
Rejects tramp oils

Product Benefits:
Added EP Properties for work piece finish quality.

Pleasant for operator to work with as low odour, low misting,  low colour allowing easy visual inspection of tool.

Compatible with automatic CNC machines.

Non staining.

Excellent results on a wide range of materials.

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