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Neat Cutting Oil

  • £999

A neat cutting fluid blended from highly refined base oils and contains special additive for oxidation resistance, extending tool life and non staining of work pieces.

Suitable for use in cutting, sawing and threading of a variety of metals including stainless steel.

This oil contains an additive called EP which allows the oil to work under extreme pressure and to help the cutting and cooling of the work piece.

This is a neat oil and will not mix with water. Is will also help protect the finished thread and cut from rust as it contains a rust inhibiter.
 Product Benefits:
High Level of EP for maximum bite and tool life.

Can be used on ferrous and non-ferrous applications.

Pleasant for operator to work with as low odour, low misting.

Compatible with automatic CNC machines.

Non staining.

Excellent results on a wide range of materials.

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