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Flushing Oil for Engines, Gearboxes and 4T Motorcycles

Flushing Oil for Engines, Gearboxes and 4T Motorcycles

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Mineral Flushing Oil
A high quality Mineral Flushing Oil designed to help remove sludge and carbon build-up in older engines or poorly maintained engines.

Can also be used in classic motorcycles, manual or industrial gearboxes to help remove old dirty oil before an oil change.

Can be used in Petrol & Diesel Engines also in Hydraulic systems and compressors as a system flush.

A blend of quality virgin Mineral Oils which contains powerful detergent additives which during the flushing process will assist in the removal of Carbon, and help disperse and dissolve sludge built up during a service period.

These additives also serve to neutralize corrosive acids formed during the combustion process which still may be present in the Crankcase and the Sump residues.
Also contains Anti-Wear additives for extra protection during the flushing process.

Directions for use: Run the engine, pump or compressor until it reaches normal running temperature. Drain old oil and refill with flushing oil between minimum and maximum fill levels. Run the system without load for 10 minutes then drain flushing oil. Replace any oil filters and refill with new recommended oil to normal fill level.

Product Benefits:

Dispersant/Detergent Properties

Wide Temperature Range - Low and High Temperature applications

Removes Deposits including Carbon and Sludge

This is a ready to use product, does not need diluting or adding to current oil. Simply drain your old oil out and refill with Flushing oil to perform the flushing process.


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