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EP 140 GL-4 Mineral Gear Oil

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  • EP 140 GL-4 Mineral Gear Oil

    • £1099

    Mineral Based EP 140 Premium Gear / Differential Oil
    EP140 GL-4 Gear Oil is a quality Extreme Pressure Gear Oil, which meets the performance requirements of API Classification GL-4. For use primarily in manual transmissions and spiral bevel axles.
    Operating under generally moderate, and on occasion severe conditions of speed and load, or axles with hypoid gears which encounter less severe more moderate demands.

    Product Benefits:
    Resistance to Oxidation and Thermal Degradation.
    Excellent resistance to Rust and Corrosion.
    Good compatibility with a variety of Seals.
    Excellent Viscometric/Temperature performance.
    Good manual transmission performance.
    Oil Product Specifications:
    API GL-4
    MAN: M342N-W
    Mercedes Benz 235.0
    Yellow Metal Safe

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