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Cooker Oil Additive / Heating Oil Additive

  • £1299


Cooker Oil Additive
Reduces Carbon Build-up

A synthetic fuel enhancer formulated to improve the combustion and cleanliness of domestic fuels in oil cookers and boilers, or where vaporising burners are in use.

Designed to clean up combustion, improving heat outputs and efficiency of the whole system.

Works perfectly with Aga, Heritage, Rayburn, Esse, Stanley Oil buring cookers/stoves.

250ml of additive will treat up to 1,500 Litres of Gas Oil / Kerosene

Or alternatively use 8ml of additive to every 50 Litres of Fuel.

Product Benefits:
Lowers carbon build up
Reduces carbon in the burner
Reduces service problems
Preserves fuel quality
Helps prevent fuel ageing