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ATF Type-M for Ford WSS-M2C-938A FNR5 Spec

ATF Type-M for Ford WSS-M2C-938A FNR5 Spec

  • £3800


Fully Synthetic

A premium Low Viscosity ATF designed for Ford / Mazda cars where the 4 speed.

A fluid designed to optimise shifting performance
 of the Ford / Mazda 4F27E & FN4A-EL 4 Speed
automatic transmissions.

Delivers improved gear friction response and outstanding protection from transmission wear.

Product Benefits:

Constant frictional performance
Excellent oxidation stability
High temperature operation stability
Outstanding wear protection and component life
Low temperature fluidity
Excellent seal compatibility
Smooth operation of transmission system
Helps to extend components life and reduce premature failure

Product Profile:
Ford WSS-M2C-938A / FNR5
Mazda ATF M-V / M5
Colour : Red

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