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ATF JWS 3309 ATF Transmission Fluid

ATF JWS 3309 ATF Transmission Fluid

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ATF JWS 3309 Specification

Automatic Transmission Fluid

A premium ATF fluid for use where the JWS 3309 specification fluid is called for.

Includes anti-shudder additives to enable a smooth gearshift.
 Shudder can occur in transmissions using Slipping Torque Convertor Clutches which can lead to damage to the transmission.
This fluid is designed to help eliminate this problem.

Manufactured from virgin base oils, specially selected additives and friction modifiers to produce a lubricant with excellent oxidation stability and frictional characteristics.

Anti-shudder durability
Wide range of applications
Can be used as a power steering fluid
Protection against wear
Low foaming tendencies
Extended drain capability
High temperature stability
Excellent low temperature properties

Product Benefits:

Recommended for use in transmissions made by Aisin-Warner commonly found in Volvo, VW, Peugeot, Saab, Toyota, 
Land Rover, Mini, Fiat & Suzuki requiring fluids that meet the JWS 3309 Specifications.

Suitable for use in the following applications:

JWS 3309
VW G 055 025 A2
GM 9986195

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