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80w90 Limited Slip Gear Oil Mineral GL-5 Differential Hypoid LSD

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  • 80w90 Limited Slip Gear Oil Mineral GL-5 Differential Hypoid LSD

    • £2699

    80w90 Limited Slip Gear Oil

    LS 80w/90 is a high performance gear oil with quality base oils and an
    advanced extreme pressure additive system designed  especially for limited slip differentials.

    It provides excellent protection against thermal degradation, corrosion, component wear
    and prevents the formation of deposits to offer longer extended gear and bearing life.

    The added friction modifier helps to reduce chatter and improve traction to provide longer service life.

    Suitable for use in limited slip differentials fitted to passenger cars, vans and trucks. Agricultural and heavy duty plant equipment where an API GL5 80w/90 is required.


    Product Benefits:

    Helps to extend gearbox and axle component life
    Excellent shock load performance
    High levels of Rust and Corrosion resistance
    Works well at low temperatures
    Contains Extreme Pressure performance additives
    Low foaming properties
    Helps to reduce Diff Chatter in LSD / Limited Slip Diffs

    Product Specifications:

    API GL-5
    US Military: MIL-L-2105D

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