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75w90 Synthetic Gear / LSD Diff Oil Limited Slip

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  • 75w90 Synthetic Gear / LSD Diff Oil Limited Slip

    • £3199

    Fully Synthetic 75w90

    Limited Slip Differential Oil

    Includes a high quality Limited Slip additive for LSD Differential applications.
    For use in front or rear Limited Slip Differentials requiring a premium quality synthetic oil.

    Fully Synthetic 75w/90 Differential oil is a modern high performance premium product manufactured from a blend of synthetic oil, sheer stable viscosity index improvers and a multipurpose extreme pressure additive package. It offers high levels of performance when compared to straight mineral oil whilst being compatible with mineral oils which enables it to be simply used as a replacement product on a drain and fill basis.

    Product Benefits:

    Very high levels of rust and corrosion resistance

    Long drain capability

    Excellent oxidation stability

    Very good thermal stability

    Outstanding low and high temperature performance

    Oil Product Specifications:

    API GL-4 & GL-5, MT-1

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