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75w85 Synthetic Gear Oil / LSD Differential Oil

75w85 Synthetic Gear Oil / LSD Differential Oil

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Fully Synthetic 75w85 LS

Gear Oil / Diff Oil / Limited Slip

A Fully Synthetic high performance Gear & Diff Oil manufactured in the UK using high quality long life base oils and additives.
Can be used in manual gearboxes, rear differentials including Open and LSD (Limited Slip Differentials)

Offers high levels of performance when compared to straight mineral oil whilst being compatible with mineral oils which enables it to be simply used as a replacement product on a drain and fill basis.

Contains a buffered sulphur EP additive which helps protect yellow metals found in some gear boxes.

For use in high performance transmissions, spiral bevel axles, transfer boxes, reduction hubs, high load drive axles, hypoid axles and steering units. The use of this product will often smooth and improve manual gear changes in previously “notchy” gear boxes.
Product Benefits:
Very high Levels of rust and corrosion resistance
Excellent oxidation stability
Very good thermal stability
Outstanding low and high temperature performance

Product Specifications:

API GL-5 + LSD (Limited Slip Diff Additive)
Can be used where the following products are called for:
AC Delco 10-4032
BMW 83 22 2 239 982
BMW 83 22 2 295 532 (G1)
BMW 83 22 2 413 511 (G2)
BOT 448
Fiat 9.55550 F426.E06
Fiat 9.55550-DA8
Fiat 9.55550-DA9
Ford WSS-M2C942-A
General Motors GM 92184900
Honda 08200-9014 HGO-1
Land Rover LR052059
Mercedes Benz MB 235.7 A0019898303
Mercedes Benz MB 235.15 A0019895903
Mercedes Benz MB 235.74 A0019893303
Mercedes Benz MB 239.71 A0019898803
Mopar 68083381AA
Mopar 05136035AA
Toyota 08885-8081
Volkswagen VW TL 521 90
Volkswagen VW G052 190 A2
Volkswagen VW G052 196 A2
Volkswagen VW G055 190 A2

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