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75w140 Synthetic Gear / Diff Oil GL-4 GL-5

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Fully Synthetic 75w140 Premium Gear / Differential Oil

This oil is a super-slick, long lasting performance oil designed especially for use in gearboxes and differentials where a 75w140 is called for.

Contains an additive package that is designed to protect gear mating surfaces from excessive wear and withstand high temperatures without losing its lubricity.
Excellent anti-foaming, anti corrosion and anti rust properties as well as excellent low temperature performance needed at first startup when cold.

Suitable for use in the Ford Transit Rear Differentials
requiring part number WSL-M2C192-A
Used in high loaded gears and drivetrains requiring API GL-4 or API GL-5.
Product Benefits:
Excellent stay in grade properties
Maintains viscosity at wide temperature range
Outstanding load-carrying capability
Excellent high temperature performance
Long life service
Extreme Pressure and anti-wear properties

Product Specifications:
API: GL-4 & GL-5
MAN: M 3343 –Type S

Product Test Data:
Specific Gravity @ 15.6˚C : 0.860
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40˚C (cSt) : 182
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100˚C (cSt) : 26.2
Viscosity Index : 178
Flash Point (COC ˚C) : 230
Pour Point (˚C) : -36

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