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5w30 Fully Synthetic BMW LL-04 C3 Low SAPS Engine Oil

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  • 5w30 Fully Synthetic BMW LL-04 C3 Low SAPS Engine Oil

    • £1099

    BMW LL-04 5w30

    Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

    A high quality UK made fully synthetic engine oil.

    Our Synthetic LL-04 Engine Oil is a new generation fully synthetic super multigrade oil suitable for the latest technology petrol and diesel engines. Our fully synthetic 5W/30 has been developed to enable outstanding performance and to help maintain effective low emissions.

    The additives within our oil ensures optimum long life performance of your engine.

    This oil is suitable for use in most petrol and diesel engines meeting Euro IV emission standards with or without diesel particulate filters. Particularly recommended for use in Many BMW Engines with variable service intervals (on a Longlife service plan).

    This oil is a LOW SAPS oil meaning it is fully compatible with vehicles fitted with DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters).

    Product Benefits:

    Ensures high lubrication performance over longer drain periods.

    Ensures a greater fuel efficiency.

    Aids high levels of engine cleanliness.

    Performs well to High and Low temperatures here in the UK.

    Helps to minimise engine wear and reduce oxidation.

    Oil Product Specifications:

    BMW LL-04, VW 505.01
    GM dexos2™
    Mercedes-Benz 229.51/229.52

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