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5w30 Fully Synthetic BMW LL-04 C3 Low SAPS Engine Oil

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BMW LL-04 5w30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

A quality UK made fully synthetic engine oil made from virgin base oils and additives.
We do not sell oils made from recycled oils.

Developed help maintain effective low emissions and promote a cleaner engine.
The additives within our oil ensures optimum long life performance of your engine.

Suitable for use in petrol and diesel engines.

Can be used either as a yearly oil change or used in cars on a Longlife service plan.
This oil is Low SAPS oil meaning it is fully compatible with vehicles fitted with DPF
(Diesel Particulate Filters).

If your car specifies LL-01 or LL-98 then this oil is fully compatible with your vehicle as LL-04 is backwards compatible with older specifications.

Product Benefits:
Lubricates your engine and helps to keep components clean.
Helps to maintain engine performance.
Performs well to High and Low temperatures here in the UK.
High levels of engine wear protection.

Oil Product Specifications:
ACEA: A3, B4, C3,
BMW: LL-04

Product Test Data:
Specific Gravity @ 15˚C : 0.846
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40˚C (cSt) : 72.3
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100˚C (cSt) : 11.8
Viscosity Index : 160
Flash Point (COC ˚C) : >212
Pour Point (˚C) : -45
Sulphated Ash (% wt) : 0.65
TBN (mg KOH / g) : 7.8

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