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5w30 Dexos 1 Gen 2 Synthetic Engine Oil for Vauxhall Fiat Peugeot Citroen

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Fully Synthetic 5w30

Dexos 1™ Gen 2 Spec Engine Oil

A fuel efficient engine oil Designed for use in GM / Vauxhall Turbo Petrol Engines

The use of this oil will help to combat the Low Speed Pre-Ignition Issues  (LSPI) commonly found with the newer Vauxhall Petrol Direct Injections Engines.
Product Benefits:
Low Speed Pre-Ignition Reduction

Enhances Fuel Economy

Excellent Antiwear Protection

Exceptional Piston Cleanliness

High levels of Protection From Engine Sludge

Product Specifications:

GM: dexos 1™ Gen 2
Can be used where P/N 95599877  is called for.

Product Test Data:
Specific Gravity @ 15.6˚C : 0.847
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40˚C (cSt) : 65.1
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100˚C (cSt) : 11.2
Viscosity Index : 166
Flash Point (COC ˚C) : 225
Pour Point (˚C) : -42
TBN (mg KOH / g): 8.3
Colour : Golden Brown/Amber

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