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15w40 Mineral Engine Oil Petrol / Diesel

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Performance 15W/40 SL/CH4 is a multigrade engine oil, meeting strict API classifications listed below.
Our Performance 15W/40 SL/CH4 is a new generation multigrade engine oil manufactured from carefully selected base oils  and the very latest additive technology.

It meets the majority of the latest engine manufacturer’s requirements and specifications. It can be used for most mixed fleet applications. Latest additives help maintain engine cleanliness in  the latest petrol engines and the detergent additives help reduce unwanted deposits in turbo chargers and on pistons.
Product Benefits:

High shear stability for stay in grade performance.
Suitable for use in Petrol & Diesel Engines
High temperature stability
Improved bore polishing protection.
Anti-wear performance for reduced engine wear.
Ideal mixed fleet lubricant.
Excellent sludge control for stop-go city motoring.

Product Specifications:

API: SL/CH-4, ACEA: E3-96, Issue 2 VW: 505
MB: 228.3 Mack: EO-M Plus MAN: 271 MTU: Type 2
Renault Trucks: RLD-2 Volvo: VDS-2, VDS-3
Cummins CES 20071, CES 20072

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