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10w40 4T Semi-Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

  • £1999

A quality Semi-Synthetic 4T oil designed for use in s stroke motorcycle engines.
4 Stroke JASO MA2 Specification

Offers high levels of wear protection to Engine, Gears & Clutch which are often shared in motorbike engine lubrication systems.

This Oil is a synthetic based Engine Oil which offers an improved acceleration response. It contains advanced additives which can offer easy gear shifting and incorporates anti-wear properties and long lasting shear resistance for excellent gear protection.

Designed for use in Wet and Dry Clutches.

Product Benefits:

Power Release Formula.

Suitable for high performance motorcycles.

Ensures a greater fuel efficiency.

Aids high levels of engine cleanliness.

Performs well to High and Low temperatures here in the UK.

Helps to minimise engine wear and reduce oxidation.

Product Benefits:

JASO T 903:2006

Can also be used where API SF, SG & SH ratings are called for

Contains Approximately:
1150ppm Zinc
1170ppm Phosphorus
2000ppm Calcium
4520ppm Sulfur

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