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10w40 Mineral Marine Oil for Canal & Pleasure Boats

10w40 Mineral Marine Oil for Canal & Pleasure Boats

  • £6999


A high quality mineral based engine oil designed for use in canal and pleasure boats BMC & Lister etc.

Contains carefully selected additives to prevent bore glazing or bore polishing.

Includes detergents to help keep engine components clean and anti wear additives to protect from wear and corrosion.

Can be used in Petrol and Diesel engines under light load.

Can be used in Turbo and non-Turbo engines.

Product Benefits:

High shear stability for stay in grade performance.
Suitable for use in Petrol & Diesel Engines
High temperature stability
Improved bore polishing protection.
Anti-wear performance for reduced engine wear.

Product Specifications:
Can be used where 10w30, 15w40 or 10w40 oils are called for.
Can be used where Rock Oil MP Lite D is called for.

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