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10w40 Mineral Classic Oil High Zinc / ZDDP

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  • 10w40 Mineral Classic Oil High Zinc / ZDDP

    • £2999

    High Zinc SAE 10w40 Engine Oil

    A Low Detergent 10w40 mineral based engine oil specifically designed for use in Car and Motorcycles
    best suited to a period mineral oil and not todays high performance synthetic oils.

    The high zinc and phosphorus content provides extra wear protection needed at the critical contact
    faces of the components, ensuring that moving parts are lubricated according to the
    so-called 'splash-lubrication' technique.

    Product Benefits:

    Reduces Wear especially on Flat Tappet Cams
    Controls Sludge/Carbon Build up
    Protects against rust and corrosion
    Helps to reduce component heat

    Product Specifications:

    API: CC/SD

    Contains Approximately:
    1500ppm Zinc
    1450ppm Phosphorus
    2900ppm Sulfur

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