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10w30 4T Semi-Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

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10w30 Semi-Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

A quality Semi-Synthetic 4T oil designed for use in 4 stroke motorcycle engines.
4 Stroke JASO MA2 Specification

Offers high levels of wear protection to Engine, Gears & Clutch which are often shared in motorbike engine lubrication systems.

This Oil is a synthetic based Engine Oil which offers an improved acceleration response. It contains advanced additives which can offer easy gear shifting and incorporates anti-wear properties and long lasting shear resistance for excellent gear protection.

Designed for use in Wet and Dry Clutches.

Product Benefits:
Power Release Formula.

Suitable for high performance motorcycles.

Ensures a greater fuel efficiency.

Aids high levels of engine cleanliness.

Performs well to High and Low temperatures here in the UK.

Helps to minimise engine wear and reduce oxidation.

Oil Product Specifications:
JASO T 903:2006

Can also be used where API SF, SG & SH ratings are called for

Contains Approximately:
1150ppm Zinc
1170ppm Phosphorus
2000ppm Calcium
4520ppm Sulfur

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