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Log Splitter Oil ISO 22

Log Splitter Oil ISO 22

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Log Splitter Oil

ISO 22 / VG 22 / T22
A premium quality mineral oil for use in various types of Hydraulic Log Splitters.
Our Hydraulic oils have been specially designed to help protect hydraulic systems from excessive wear, component corrosion and to lubricate without sacrificing performance.

Product Benefits:
Contains anti wear properties
Increased corrosion protection of components
Offers high resistance to oxidation
Excellent anti-foaming properties to ensure a firm response under high pressures.

Fully Suitable for use where the following fluids are specified:
 Shell Tellus 22
Mobil DTE 10 or 11M
Aral Vitam GF22
BP Energol HLP-HM22

Oil Product Specifications:
Vickers Vane Pump (IP281)
ASTM D665 A & B
DIN 51524 Part II
Denison HF-2
Copper Corrosion (ASTM D130)
FZG (CEC LO7-A-85)
Demulsibility (ASTM D1401) & (IP19)
Air Release (IP 313)

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