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Brake and Clutch Fluid DOT 4

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  • Brake and Clutch Fluid DOT 4

    • £1999

    Brake & Clutch Fluid

    A high quality Brake fluid that meets Dot 3 and Dot 4 Specifications.

    Blended from a high quality base oil and carefully selected additives to create a dependable brake fluid suitable for use in Cars, Vans, 4 x 4's etc.

    The boring bit!

    This product has been formulated from mixed polyalkylene glycol ethers and borate esters together with other high performance additives and inhibitors which give ultimate system protection against the effects of corrosion and high temperature vapour lock.

    Product Benefits:
    Provides a positive braking response.

    High quality synthetic fluid.

    Protects against component wear and corrosion.

    Made in UK.

    Product Specifications:

    Meets DOT 3 and DOT 4 Specifications
    SAE J1703, J1704
    ISO 4925
    JIS K 2233 Types 3 & 4

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