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Antifreeze Blue Concentrate BS6580:1992

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  • Antifreeze Blue Concentrate BS6580:1992

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    Premium Quality MEG Antifreeze


    Dyed Light Blue in Colour
    A high performance concentrated universal antifreeze coolant, which protects against freezing and corrosion. Safe for use in systems containing Aluminium providing it's mixed with Distilled / Demineralised Water. Normal Tap water contains Salts/Minerals that can damage aluminium.

    Recommended Dilutions:
    Antifreeze Protection
    33% -18°C
    50% -36°C
    60% -52°C

    Simply add with water (Ideally Demineralised Water) to the desired mix ratio to give the protection required.

    As there are many types of Antifreeze / Coolant available and if you are unsure that this product is suitable for use in your vehicle, please do not hesitate to message us with your Registration Number and we will look into compatibility for you.

    Product Benefits:
    Universal can be used as an antifreeze and or a coolant.
    Very good corrosion protection.
    Suitable for year round use.
    Safe for use with many types of rubber seals & hoses.

    The boring technical bit:

    MEG Antifreeze is a nitrite, amine, silicate, borate and phosphate free Mono Ethylene Glycolbased engine coolant, which meets the requirements of British Standard BS6580:1992
    Product Test Data:
    Appearance-Clear Blue Liquid
    Specific gravity 25/25°C 1.120–1.140 ASTM D 941
    Boiling Point, °C >140 ASTM D 1120
    Flash Point, °C >140 DIN ISO 2592
    Water Content, % Max.6 ASTM D 1123
    Miscibility with Water-Free miscible
    Hard water stability-Stable, no precipitation
    Freezing Point
    50% in water Below-36°C ASTM D 1177
    33% in water Below-18°C ASTM D 1177
    pH-value 33.3% vol. in water 7.7–8.5 ASTM D 1287
    Weight change in mg/cm2/week
    BS6580 Antifreeze max 1
    BS6580 Coolant 0.3

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