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Motorcycle Running In Oil / Breaking In Oil Mineral

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  • Motorcycle Running In Oil / Breaking In Oil Mineral

    • £2599

    Motorcycle Mineral Running In Oil
    10w40 Grade

    A High Quality mineral running in oil for use in running in new / newly rebuilt motorcycle engines.
    Contains additives to help seat valves and bed in Piston Rings to cylinder bores.
    Motorcycle engines benefit greatly from an initial running in process to allow newly machined engine components to bed in and seat properly.

    This process vastly improves long-term engine life and aids in releasing the full potential of the motorcycles power.

    Please consult engine specialist guidelines on how to perform an engine running in period as they can differ somewhat.

    Contains friction modifiers for maximum wet clutch compatibility.

    After running in any engine please ensure the running in oil is removed completely while still warm, and refill with manufacturer recommended grade oil to the appropriate level.

    Product Benefits:
    Maximises power output by optimising bedding in process.

    Provides full protection of highly stressed components whilst allowing optimum bedding in process for piston rings and bore.

    Additive technology enables full load runs for short bursts.

    The selected additives ensure that even though the additive system performance is strong the pistons can achieve satisfactory boundary lubrication for bedding in purposes.

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