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General Purpose Soluble Cutting Oil

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  • General Purpose Soluble Cutting Oil

    • £1099

    General Purpose Soluble Cutting Oil

    A soluble cutting fluid concentrate with superb stability when mixed with water typically 3% - 10% concentration levels.

    High oil milky emulsion for most metalwork applications requiring a non EP (Extreme Pressure) fluid.

    Our soluble cutting fluid includes a unique corrosion inhibition system not normally found in water mix fluids, this aids in machine tool protection. This helps with keeping corrosion on slideways, general working area and finished component to a minimum.

    Product Benefits:

    Can be used on ferrous and non-ferrous applications.

     Leaves no sticky / tacky residues.

    Low foaming and scum formation.

    Pleasant for operator to work with.

    Helps to keep machine tools clean.

    Good tramp oil rejection / Long sump life - good biostability.

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