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Calibrating Fluid for Diesel Injectors ISO 4113 Calibration Fluid

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Calibration Fluid

ISO 4113

A high purity low viscosity mineral based test fluid designed for use as a calibration and storage oil for Diesel Fuel Injectors.

Contains rust preventatives to help maintain proper function of newly calibrated fuel injectors.

Perfect for Mechanics / Service Centres / Diesel Specialist

Product Profile:
Conforms to ISO 4113 &
LUCAS CAV 7-10-106 Specifications

Typical Product Test Data:
Appearance : Colourless
Odour : No characteristic odour
Specific Gravity @ 15˚C : 0.825
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40˚C (cSt) : 2.5
Flash Point : 62
Boiling Point/Range : 190˚C
Autoignition Temperature : >200˚C

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