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SAE 140 Mineral Classic Gear Oil GL-1 Classic

  • £1199

SAE 140 Mineral Gear Oil
A quality mineral oil formulated without extreme pressure (EP) additives.
Provides good metal to metal buffer (film strength), anti-foam performance and long term stability.
Suitable for use in equipment where the manufacturer specifies a non-EP oil.
Can be used in manual gearboxes, axles, worm gear drives, straight cut gears, oil lubricated bearings, reduction gears/hubs, chain mechanisms, steering boxes, etc.
Safe for use where phosphor-bronze (yellow metal) components are used.
Suitable for classic and vintage cars, motorcycles, tractors, traction engines and commercial vehicles where a 140 grade oil is called for.

Product Benefits:
Resistance to Oxidation and Thermal Degradation.

Excellent resistance to Rust and Corrosion.

Good compatibility with a variety of Seals.

Excellent Viscometric/Temperature performance.

Product Specifications:
Yellow Metal Safe

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