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20w50 Mineral Classic Motor Oil API: SG/CF

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Classic 20w50 Mineral Motor Oil
Our Classic 20w50 mineral based engine oil is specifically designed for use in older and classic cars who's engines are best suited to a period mineral oil and not todays high performance synthetic oils.
Blended from high quality base oils and carefully selected additives to help maintain the life and performance of the older generation 4 stroke Petrol and Diesel engines.
This high viscosity oil will help to reduce oil loss and leakage usually associated with older engines.
Low in Detergent mineral oil for use in a variety of engines.
Fully suitable for use where the Castrol XL 20w50 is called for.
Product Benefits:
Includes carefully selected modern additives
High viscosity for limiting oil loss and leaks
Helps to improve starting in cold temperatures
Contains anti-wear additves to minimise failure of hard to find engine components
Suitable for use in all seasons
Can be used in cars with or without catalytic converters
Product Specifications:
ACEA: A2, B2, MB: 226.5

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