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20w50 Classic Oil High Zinc Semi-Synthetic ZDDP

  • £2899

High Zinc SAE 20w50 Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

A quality Mineral oil blended for Petrol and Diesel Engines built before 1980 which have Oil filters fitted.

A blend of carefully selected additives to help provide maximum engine protection.
Contains high levels of Zinc, Phosphorus & Sulphur.

Suitable for use in high mileage engines particularly where oil loss is is a problem.

Product Benefits:
Reduces Wear especially on Flat Tappet Cams
Controls Sludge/Carbon Build up
Protects against rust and corrosion
Helps to reduce component heat

Product Specifications:
Contains Approximately:
1500ppm Zinc
1450ppm Phosphorus
2900ppm Sulfur

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